Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Landman Find Oil on Thier Land

How can we help you locate the oil on your land?
This is how:
PetroLocate manufactures & distributes seismoelectric [PL14 & GF6] systems worldwide. We train individuals and companies how to properly implement the system for oil, gas, geothermal, well water exploration and well rehabilitation.  We provide exploration surveys under the responsible charge of a licensed and registered geophysicist and/or geologist where required by law. Contact me directly at 360-388-6035 or Toll Free at 800-251-3350
Seismic reflection exploration systems VS. GF6/PL14 seismoelectric exploration systems
 1) Seismic reflection requires miles of cleared land whereas a PL14 seismoelectric exploration survey can be accomplished on as little as one acre of land with minimal to no clearing.
 2) Seismic reflection is expensive- no argument there!
 Seismoelectric exploration is affordable for even a small land & mineral owner.
 3) Seismic reflection projects take months on end whereas a PL14 seismoelectric exploration can take less than one week to accomplish depending on the size of the property being assessed.
 4) Seismic reflection detects geologic structures whereas the PL14 seismoelectric system detects the presence of MOBILE resistive liquids. Are you looking for rock formations or are you looking to find the actual resistive liquids?
Patent Pending Pub. NO.: US 2014/0111207 A1

For more information contact Ervin directly at 360.388.6035
http://www.petroLocate.com/ 800.251.3350

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