Friday, January 17, 2014

Locate the aquifer depth, yield and thickness before drilling a well in California with seismoelectric technology 800-251-2920

"California is nearly as dry as it's ever been. High water marks rim half-full reservoirs. Cities are rationing water. Clerics are praying for rain. Ranchers are selling cattle, and farmers are fallowing fields."   See more here;

Hoping that California folks have a seismoelectric groundwater survey completed before they panic and just have wells drilled left and right out of being desperate to find water for their homes, land, cattle and crops.

A GF6 groundwater survey can assist them in locating the aquifer depth, yield and thickness in their area before drilling a well  and at a much more economical rate than a dry hole not to mention the minimal environmental foot print it leaves compared to drilling!

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Toll Free: 800-251-2920  worldwide service provided

Groundwater surveys, GF6 equipment sales, training and data interpretation assistance.

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