Thursday, December 12, 2013

AquaLocate makes amazing advances with their PL14 geothermal/oil/gas exploration technology.

AquaLocate has made some amazing advances in our system in the form of the PL14 which has been designed to detect resistive liquids (fresh water, oil or gas) to depths exceeding 2000m.  PetroLocate has already had the opportunity to test the PL14 on two known geothermal production wells in SE Oregon that are at or just over 2000m (data image available).  Because our systems only detects resistive liquids, we believe our technology will be a major benefit to oil and gas exploration-

Using the extensive experience gained through our sister company AquaLocate, PetroLocate has designed the next generation of Seismo-Electric technology, the PL14 Hydrocarbon Exploration System. Starting January 2014 this advanced Seismo-Electric geophysical instrument will be available worldwide for both oil and gas exploration.
The PetroLocate PL14 Seismo-Electric technology can be used to detect resistive liquids including mobile oil, gas and fresh water to over 2000m when acceptable testing conditions are present.
The training programs and support for PL14 sales and rentals offered by PetroLocate and our consultants are second to none having over 30 years of combined experience using the Seismo-Electric technology originally developed by two British Geophysicists. PetroLocate offers the only authorized training program for the Seismo-Electric equipment distributed by our company.
PetroLocate uses environmental friendly practices to effectively locate hydrocarbons before a drilling program is implemented. It is no longer necessary to spend untold sums of money drilling test wells and causing unnecessary environmental impact before finding the oil and gas resources you are looking for. With the cost of exploration increasing every day, a PL14 Seismo-Electric system is a reasonable investment for the risk avoidance it buys. The founders of PetroLocate have been fortunate to help property owners and Seismo-Electric equipment operators on 3 continents and in 9 countries (United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, India, and Ecuador). If you need input or advice on your next project, call 800-251-3350. Call Ervin Direct at 360-388-6035

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